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Welcome to Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd!

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is one of the chemical manufacturing companies specializing in the design and synthesis of organic compounds from milligrams up to kilograms.

Chemical Synthesis

Chemical synthesis is the construction of complex molecules from simpler ones. And the most syntheses are of organic compounds. In order to plan the right route of the molecular synthesis, chemists usually determine the end product and study backward (retrosynthesis) to predict possible steps.

Hawach offers custom synthesis services, and the synthesis object includes but not limited to the following:

-Small molecular entities/heterocycles as building blocks
-Pharmaceutical intermediates, analogs, metabolites
-Reference compound
-Biological activity inhibitor
-Specialty and fine chemicals

Custom synthesis services is the feature of our company. Hawach excels amongchemical manufacturing companies with its experienced experts and supply chain teams partnering with you from the initial phase to the final package to your designated location. If your project is mature enough for large scale manufacturing (usually exceeds 10 kilos), we can also offer you custom contract manufacturing solutions tailoring to your needs.

Our Products

Except for our custom synthesis services, Hawach, like other chemical manufacturing companies, also has its own products that are fair-priced and of great quantity. These products include liquid crystal monomers, liquid crystal intermediates, and OLED intermediates.

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