Company Profile

Our commitment to service, reliability, and products of great quality is what has made us stand out among Chinese contract manufacturers and chemical synthesis labs. Hawach’ s world-class facilities contain high precision equipment for producing custom-made chemicals guaranteed to meet your performance requirements.

Custom Business

Hawach’ s custom synthesis business begins when one customer’ s need is not met. It covers the designing and formulating of synthetic chemical compounds.

Custom-made chemicals are not something rare in the market, but chemicals that can be customized are normally limited to most corporations. Here in our company, you will find chemicals customized without limitation.

As a chemical synthesis lab, we have our own products listed, so we offer custom synthesis business of the listed group. Chemicals from other groups are also welcomed to be inquired. Our experienced and skilled technician team is here willing to modify existing products or formulate totally new synthetic chemical compounds that meet your special niche.

Custom chemical manufacturing services are also available at Hawach Scientific. These services are required when your project reaches the level of maturity, and tons of chemicals are in demand.


Our technicians are all qualified Ph.D. chemists with at least ten years’ working experience in custom synthesis business and toll manufacturing services. Hawach Scientific, supported by those specialists and salespeople working together to find the best solution for your needs and budget, will be a great source for your choice.

Customer Feedback

Mr. Sam Sun, Professor of Brandon University, Canada

Dr. Julie Castro, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Orga Lumina, Russia

Mr Lars Marson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Mr. Joshua Pisoli, USA

Professor Julie Grant, University of Oslo, Norway