Custom synthesis companies emerge as a particular client or organization hunters for chemicals hard to find or to synthesize. Hawach Scientific is just this type of company customizing chemical molecules with precise specifications and high purity. The synthesis services include chemicals in nearly all categories, ranging from milligrams up to kilograms.

In addition to exclusive synthesis, contract manufacturing outsourcing is also contained in our list of services. Chemical compounds produced by our company will not let you down since all products are made using high precision apparatus, ensuring you accurate and reproducible results.


Synthesis Procedure

The flourish of custom synthesis companies demonstrates the high demand for compound synthesis service. Services of this type need the efforts both from the customer and the research team, especially when the molecule is badly difficult to synthesize. The customer provides literature methods or their designed synthesis route in which specified information (reaction time, temperature, catalyst, desired purity) is included. The more detailed the info, the higher the efficiency and the lower the price. Our research group evaluates the synthesis to see if it can be worked out. This process usually takes 3-7 business days. Once ensured, we will provide you with detailed information about the cost, delivery time, etc. All of these procedures also apply to contract manufacturing outsourcing,


Synthesis Contract

Once our chemists are ensured that the synthesis route workable at our company, we will sign a synthesis contract. There is another situation where we need the contract – if the synthesis information is limited or unavailable, our group, as well as the customer, is willing to carry out this study with a route designed by our chemists. One or more experts will be dispatched to implement this project. Customers are able to request compounds sample at any stage and can also call a quit to this project if they find the sample not satisfying. Customers are suggested to share their ideas with the research group from time to time to help the project fare well. We will only charge for the drugs used in the sample if you don’t require for the finished products. This also goes for contract manufacturing outsourcing projects.

Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality agreement is a necessity for custom synthesis companies since the route for synthesis is our customer’s intellectual property. We will keep the secrecy of all the info provided by our customers. A confidentiality agreement will be signed once the cooperation relationship is built.

About Time

Our sales team will reach out to you upon your request within 24 hours. Delivery time of the product will be determined by the specific synthetic compounds and procedure.