CAS: 41492-05-1
AppearanceClear colorless liquid, no mechanical impurities
Molecular FormulaC10H13Br
Molecular Weight213.11g/mol
Melting Point-25.5°C
Boiling Point242°C(lit.)

In addition to having high-purity 1-bromo-4-butylbenzene(CAS: 41492-05-1), we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

Hawach’s services

Chemical blending companies provide their customers with tolling and blending manufacturing services. Chemical blending is a chemical process combining different chemicals, liquid or solid into a new substance in which pH levels, boiling point, density, viscosity, etc, are specified.

Tolling and blending manufacturing is a common process, but also one best left for expert chemical blending companies that know the interactions among chemicals and best-blending methods for specified chemical parameters, as well as package the blended products to your designed location.

Chemical blending companies prosper as the blended chemicals’ wide application in industry, science and everyday life. Custom chemical blending services are exclusive as you can require exact features of your chemicals. Using this service, you expect your chemicals to be exact and accurate and working with high-qualified chemists can avoid you from any slight error. Start your project with an expert company, and you are able to save time, money, free from certain certificates required for the manufacturing of hazardous chemicals.

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