1-Methyl-4-(4-trans-ene butyl-[1,1′-bicyclohexyl]-4′-trans-yl)-benzol

CAS: 129738-42-7
AppearanceWhite solid, no mechanical impurities
Molecular FormulaC23H34
Molecular Weight310.52g/mol
Melting point101.0 to 105.0℃
Boiling point417.6±15.0℃(Predicted)
Density0.933±0.06g/cm3(20℃ 760 Torr)

In addition to having high-purity 1-Methyl-4-(4-trans-ene butyl-[1,1′-bicyclohexyl]-4′-trans-yl)-benzol(CAS: 129738-42-7), we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

Hawach’s services

Why do potential clients choose to outsource their molecular synthesis to a custom synthesis company like Hawach Scientific? One of the main reasons is to reduce costs. It takes a large investment for new and used equipment to do the synthesis of molecular compounds, and it also takes time and money to hire staff in related fields and train them to be able to carry out the project. Machines or equipment used for molecular synthesis may consume a large space that an individual or a company doesn’t possess.

A custom synthesis company has the certificate to synthesize dangerous chemicals and if the potential clients don’t have one, they will turn to such a company for their hazardous chemicals. A set of safety regulations is also instilled in a chemical synthesis company to ensure safety in the whole process.

Chemists in Hawach Scientific have the expertise and experience to handle your dangerous chemical and make it a finished product that you are looking for. Quality and efficiency ensured, Hawach Scientific is one of the best choices for your molecular synthesis project.

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