3-fluorine-4-(4-ethylphenyl)benzeneboronic acid

AppearanceYellow or light yellow solid with no mechanical impurities

In addition to having high-purity 3-fluorine-4-(4-ethylphenyl)benzeneboronic acid, we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

Hawach’s services

Besides having excelled as a direct supplier of fine and specialty chemicals, Hawach Scientific, in addition, is also among contract manufacturing companies excelling at chemical contract blending.

Hawach Scientific offers reliable services and expertise in powder blending, liquid blending, and packaging. Our team consists of chemists with years of experience in chemical contract blending and quality control,  patient sales representatives who provide the quickest quotations and economical solutions, and market researchers who study the current market trends and other contract manufacturing companies to come up with their technical solutions for chemical blending in the future.

We promise to offer you an “all-under-one-roof solution” for your efficient chemical contract blending in terms of process optimization, regulation compliance, and affordable costs. Contract manufacturing companies like Hawach, will largely ease your burden and enable you to have time on your core business. Find your custom blended solutions here, and you will get more than you can expect.

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