3-fluorine-4-(4-propylphenyl)benzeneboronic acid

AppearanceYellow or light yellow solid with no mechanical impurities

In addition to having high-purity 3-fluorine-4-(4-propylphenyl)benzeneboronic acid, we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

Hawach’s services

Companies that require mass production of processing chemicals will outsource the services to another company to mass-produce chemicals for them. Hawach Scientific is a company including custom chemical manufacturing in its list of services and has a broad range of chemicals available for its customers.

Custom chemical toll blending involves mixing and blending them into a new chemical or breaking down the particles to obtain certain specifications the customer requires. This manufacturing process usually goes with special machines or equipment only obtainable in professional chemical toll manufacturing companies.

At Hawach Scientific, we are listening to your project goals and endeavor to be innovative in putting forward your solution. Raw materials, adjustable production scale, environmental considerations, these are just a few things we provide to thoroughly implement a custom chemical manufacturing project.

If your project fits our custom chemical toll blending services, our technician team will endeavor to meet your specifications of the products and deliver the products to the end-user.

Hawach Scientific excels at the following:

Process development;

Flexibility in production scale according to demand;

Raw materials sold at a fair price;

Labeling and packing to the end-user.

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