4-ethylphenylboronic acid

CAS: 63139-21-9
AppearanceWhite solid, no mechanical impurities
Molecular FormulaC8H11BO2
Molecular Weight149.98g/mol
Melting Point150-155℃(lit.)
Boiling Point285.1±33.0℃(Predicted)

In addition to having high-purity 4-ethylphenylboronic acid(CAS: 63139-21-9), we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

Hawach’s services

Toll manufacturing, also named toll blending, is an outsourcing service provided by the manufacturer (the blender) using specialized facilities to customers who are finding custom chemical blending solutions for their complex compounds. There is a subtle difference between toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing: if the customer requires the latter, he/she is expecting the manufacturer to provide raw materials. Most toll manufacturing companies also have contract manufacturing business, tailoring to customer’s different needs.

When choosing toll manufacturing companies, some clients want their formula safe and closed to their competitors. In Hawach Scientific, there is no doubt about it, a Non-Disclosure Agreement of your custom chemical blending solutions will be signed to ensure absolute confidentiality.

In order to keep ahead of the competition, most toll manufacturing companies are compliant with the current regulation, and this means the clients can reduce such risks. Hawach Scientific is just a company of this type that can offer you custom chemical blending solutions complying with regulations. Feel free to get a quote from us!

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