(MethoxyMethyl)triphenylphosphoniuM chloride

CAS: 4009-98-7
AppearanceWhite solid with no mechanical impurities
Molecular FormulaC20H20ClOP
Molecular Weight342.8g/mol
Melting point185-195°C(dec.)(lit.)
Solubility>1100g/l soluble, (decomposition)
Water SolubilityDecomposes

In addition to having high-purity (MethoxyMethyl)triphenylphosphoniuM chloride(CAS: 4009-98-7), we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

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Hawach is committed to providing customers with reliable custom chemical toll blending services. Our company maintains rigorous safety compliance standards, safeguards our clients’ intellectual property rights and adheres to a green philosophy. Contact us for more information.

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