CAS: 38289-27-9
AppearanceWhite solid with no mechanical impurities
Molecular FormulaC10H18O2
Molecular Weight170.25g/mol
Melting Point93°C
Boiling Point270.3±8.0°C(Predicted)

In addition to having high-purity Propylcyclohexanecarboxylicacid(CAS: 38289-27-9), we are also able to provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services tailoring to your needs.

Hawach’s services

Custom synthesis and toll manufacturing play a vital role in drug development. Hawach offers a wide range of such custom chemistry services to multiple chemical industries. These chemicals are made to order in quantities from grams to tons.

Custom synthesis and toll manufacturing are open options to drug developers, manufacturers or distributors to make their products effective and penetrated into the market. Quality and efficiency are the two main factors to be considered when choosing such service providers. Companies that offer custom chemistry services are looking forward to a long-term relationship with their clients. Once the relationship is built, two parties can get benefits, the customer reduces costs and time, and the company finds their stable source of clients.

These custom chemistry services providers are usually well-equipped with staff specializing in certain complex chemistry and dangerous chemical handling expertise. They as well have enough space for installing equipment or machines that are needed for custom molecular synthesis and toll manufacturing.

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