Hawach Scientific pioneers in the compound synthesis services, and can do custom synthesis of organic compounds including but not limited to these products (they are our products in stock and will be delivered within 5-7 business days once an order is placed):

Custom synthesis of organic compounds is something popular in numerous synthesis companies since this business caters to the need for difficult or hard-to-made organic compounds. Clients having this demand find their custom chemical synthesis in China and other countries advanced in the synthesis field.

Synthetic chemical compounds in Hawach Scientific are all produced with traditional procedures and are under rigorous quality control. As a result, all of our chemicals possess high purity and great performance. Custom chemical synthesis in China thrives these years, and Hawach Scientific, as a Chinese synthesis company, product quality be its priority, deserves your trust.

Here is a brief introduction to the materials of liquid crystal and OLED.
Liquid crystal monomers and intermediates as well as OLED intermediates are display materials and also categorized as organic compounds. Liquid crystal monomers and intermediates share some characteristics of other materials of this group, and because of this feature, they are widely used in calculators, electronic watch, game machine, mobile phone, to list just a few. Followings are some characteristics of liquid crystal materials.

  • With light and heat chemical stability and long service life.
  • Wide operating temperature range, suitable for low or high – temperature environments.
  • Low viscosity of liquid crystal and easy to produce high response speed.
  • High ferroelectric anisotropy, suitable for low voltage operation.

Different from liquid crystal, which emits lights mainly relying on the backlight layer, OLED, as the name shows, emits lights on its own. The full name of OLED is Organic Light-Emitting Diode, and it is also known as organic electric laser display and organic light-emitting semiconductor. Products in stock will be delivered in 5-7 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the custom synthesis of organic compounds have limitations at your company?
Any organic compounds are welcome to be inquired.
2. What is the price range of  your service?
The price of our services differs regarding weight, quantity, synthesis procedure, and raw materials used (if the materials are provided by us).
3. Is the service of custom chemical synthesis in China trustworthy?
Sample is an option to help you better decide.